Web Aesthetics
How Digital Media
Affect Culture and Society

by Vito Campanelli
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"A book which has shaken (and is still shaking) field experts: by dealing with the analysis of new media through a different perspective linked to the aestheticization of reality; by identifying a series of idiosyncrasies, rituals and paradoxes of the network through a diverse range of categories...
thus bridging a gap".

Pasquale Napolitano - Digimag

"Un libro che ha scosso gli addetti ai lavori, occupandosi dell'analisi dei new media attraverso una prospettiva diversa legata all'estetizzazione della realtà, individuando una serie di idiosincrasie, rituali e paradossi della rete attraverso varie categorie ... Colmando quindi una mancanza".

Pasquale Napolitano - Digimag

"A superb examination of digital media with a broad, solid theoretical base (and enough practicality to keep it mostly grounded). ... An important book that helps push the discussion of digital media forward".

David - GoogleReads

"The style of Vito Campanelli’s writing tends to be narrative and sometimes lingers on autobiographical episodes, which encourages the reader to forge ahead, despite how complex some of the issues may seem".

Iva Nikolova - Edno Magazine

"I don't know if I'd call Campanelli's text accessible, but it is definitely important".

Greg J. Smith - Serial Consign

"... Campanelli explores the diffused aesthetical dimension of our contemporary reality".

Nicola Bozzi - Networkcultures.org

"Although maddening at times, one can't walk away from Web Aesthetics without a renewed appreciation for how the 'digital everyday' shapes and sculpts our perception. Campanelli's interrogation of form is dizzying in both scope and ambition and this work provides a provocative overview of the contemporary media landscape".

Greg J. Smith - Rhizome.org

"A través del prisma de la estética –donde priman los juicios del gusto y la experiencia reflexiva de la belleza– Campanelli explora algunos fenómenos actuales como las redes sociales y la “cultura remix”, sentando así las bases para una teoría orgánica estética de los medios digitales".

Marcela Mazzei - Clarin.com

"Campanelli winds his theoretical path through plenty of philosophical ideas, finally building something that is properly aesthetic. And his commitment to analyze digital media with a philosophy of aesthetic language is impressive, as is the amount of research involved - very visible through the abundance of quotes - that makes this text a pivotal one".

Alessandro Ludovico - Neural.it

"I opened this book with curiosity. And closed it with the feeling that it was probably the most intelligent publication i had read on media art culture for a long long time".

Regine Debatty - We Make Money Not Art

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